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Balloon Owners 2nd Crash in 18 Months

hot-air-balloon-crash-egyptIt has emerged this evening that “Sky Cruises”, owners of the hot air balloon that crashed earlier this week killing 19 tourists,have admitted to another crash only 18 months ago. They have stated that there were no serious injuries in the 2011 crash and it is understood that the pilot no longer works for the company. It was also reported by the BBC that the owner hopes to be flying again within 6 months.

There were a variety of nationalities including 3 brits on board the hot air balloon that this week plummeted 1,000ft close to the ancient city of Luxor.They had booked the flight across some of the most ancient parts of Egypt with tour operators Thomas Cook who have chosen Sky Cruises as their preferred carrier for several years.

The area is famed for its pharaonic-era ruins which include the Kamak Temple and the Valley of the Kings.

Tuesday’s crash has of course raised concerns about the safety of the ballooning industry in the area, and all flights have been suspended until a full investigation has been undertaken.