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Bangle Language by Alife Design – Review


Watch this WhichHoliday.TV video review on the "Bangle Language"  


Bangle Language by Alife Design - Review

Bangle Language by Alife is a PVC  bracelet that allows you to communicate on your travels.

The concept is simple. When traveling and unable to speak the native language you simply point to a symbol or icon on the bracelet which indicates  to anyone what you are trying to find. – so we tested the bangle on Kristina to if the icons were easy to recognise. Watch the film above to see the results.
The bangle comes in a range of colours and has two press studs to accommodate different sized wrists.
Bangle Language is available from a wide rage of internet outlets, we got ours from for just £9.95 




Could be tight on a larger wrist.
Bit of a gimmick for those seasoned travellers.
If concerned about speaking the language, then it is a must. 
Good quality and very good value for money. 
Worth having …. just in case.


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WhichHoliday.TV would like to send a special thanks to Kristina for her help with the review.  

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