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Brits 3rd in the “World’s Rudest” poll

According to a recent poll conducted by Skyscanner, us Brits are one of the rudest nation of tourists in the world, beaten only by the French and the Russians with 19% and 17% respectively.  

It is also claimed that the Russians with their recently relaxed visa laws and climbing economy are taking more holidays in destinations popular with Brits such as the Mediterranean. In fact, Skycanner tell us that Russian flight searches for these destinations are up over 200% every year.

And contrary to what many believe, the stereotype of the sun-lounge loving German tourists are not as rude as us. And the big surpise is that the Chinese are in the top 5 with 4.3%.

But how much of this is down to plain old fashioned rudeness rather than a misunderstanding of other languages and or cultures?


World’s Rudest Nationalities:

1. French 19.2%
2. Russian 16.6%
3. British 10.4%
4. German 9.9%
5. Chinese 4.3%
6. American 3.3%
7. Spanish 3.1%
8. Italian 2.3%
9. Polish 2.2%
10. Turkish 2.1%







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