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Buttercup Bus


Watch this WhichHoliday.TV London Olympic Special 
featuring the Buttercup Bus 


Buttercup Campervan -

Buttercup Bus is a VW Camper hire company in London, based in Croydon, offering self drive lovingly maintained, vintage VW Camper Vans.  Lets face it, VW Camper Vans are seriously cool and the vintage campers supplied at the Buttercup Bus certainly know how to make an entrance.

If you are planning to go on a camping trip or music festival then these camper vans are the way to travel in style. The vans are fully equipped, easy to drive and will give you the freedom to explore anywhere in the Britain.  With the Olympics just round the corner how cool would it be to park near the Olympic Stadium or the O2 Arena to be part of London 2012 party, and just imagine driving up to sites such as Buckingham Palace or crossing Tower Bridge in one of these Campers.
Buttercup Campervans have featured in Camper and Bus magazine, posed outside high profile wedding venues like St Paul's Cathedral, and have also featured in Marks and Spencers magazine, giving examples of other opportunities on how these vans can be used.
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  Five Campervan Facts

  1. Early Volkswagen split-screen windshield Kombi models were built between 1950 and 1967
  2. The camper van began life as a wagon to carry panels around VW’s car plant in Wolfsburg
  3. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver travelled around Italy in one for his Great Escape TV show and they continue to feature in countless TV adverts
  4. VW drivers famously acknowledge each other on the road with a special wave or sign – an open hand with the three middle fingers folded to the palm.
  5. Famous VW Campervan owners include F1 racer Jenson Button, The Who's Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry and actor Martin Clunes


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