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Munich Oktoberfest

Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2013

Every one must have heard of Oktoberfest, which is Munich’s Bavarian beer festival and fair.  Oktoberfest is so famous that communities in the U.S, Europe and even Asia have created their on version of this historic annual event.  However we think most know about it and really want to go… but do not know what to expect.   So WhichHoliday,tv has visited this festival, to research, so that our viewers have a greater understanding of what all the fuss is about.  It was the best research we have ever undertaken, thank you for the opportunity. So here are a few pointers; Firstly, are you planning a trip for October?  Well if so you're going to miss it, or most of it.  It starts the third Saturday in September and is over by early October. In addition the festival only...

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Munich Beer Halls

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why not get into the "spirit" in Munich?  For both beer and food, try Munich beer halls, they are definitely not for tourists as local families hang out in these traditional venues. And they give you a taste of Oktoberfest all year round. If you try to sit at a table with a sign in the middle that says "Stammish", you will be moved as they have been reserved for ‘regulars’.  The rest of the tables are often "family style", and you're expected to share the table.  If you see a free space, ask if the seats are taken and squeeze in.  (Ask if they're "Frei" – just like in zimmer frei for rooms available).  However do not do this at a table with that "Stammish" sign, as locals are very protective of their table.  They come to the...

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The Delight Of German Beers

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trying German beers, even if you are not attending the Oktoberfest is part of the fun of travelling in Germany.  Germans and Belgians would probably argue about who has the best beer… and the Czechs, at least those from Pilsner, might join in the squabble.  But we're not going to argue with anyone, we'll just enjoy it where ever we are.  And if you're enjoying a trip to Germany you might as well enjoy a German brew.  Making beer in Germany is highly regulated.  The brewers must adhere to something called "Reinheitsgebot".  This is a "purity order" that dates from 1516.  They must use only water, hops and barley malt when they are making their beer.  The law has been updated and Yeast now can be used… it hadn't been discovered in 1516!  Sometimes sugar can be used too....

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