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Bangle Language by Alife Design – Review

Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

  Watch this WhichHoliday.TV video review on the "Bangle Language"       Bangle Language by Alife is a PVC  bracelet that allows you to communicate on your travels. The concept is simple. When traveling and unable to speak the native language you simply point to a symbol or icon on the bracelet which indicates  to anyone what you are trying to find. – so we tested the bangle on Kristina to if the icons were easy to recognise. Watch the film above to see the results.   The bangle comes in a range of colours and has two press studs to accommodate different sized wrists.   Bangle Language is available from a wide rage of internet outlets, we got ours from for just £9.95          Cons: Could be tight on a larger wrist. Bit of...

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The Right Size Cabin Bag

Posted on Monday, February 20, 2012

  Watch this WhichHoliday.TV video review on The Right Size Cabin Bag        This is the first video that we have produced with guest reviewers and presenters, and we have to say, it really was a lot of fun. Kristina and James had the bags for a week and made sure that they really checked the bag thoroughly.

 On first viewing, you would be forgiven for thinking that “” is just another cabin bag or suitcase, but there does seem to be some genuine thought behind that whacky but clever name and the bag it blazoned across.  For those of you who have ever turned up at an airport with a cabin bag that has been either slightly too big or overweight, you will already have experienced the patronising tone of the airline staff telling you that...

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