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Earls Court

Earl Court One -

From exhibitions and conferences to live music, Earls Court holds hundreds of events each year attended by visitors from around the world. Earls Court was completed at a cost of £1.5 million and finally opened its doors to the public for the Chocolate and Confectionery exhibition on 1 September 1937. The venue is now known as Earls Court One, and as Earls Court Two which was opened by Diana Princess of Wales in 1991.

Earls Court One at Night -

Situated in the centre of Earls Court One's ground floor is a swimming pool – 198 feet (60 m) long and 98 feet (30 m) wide, the 750 tonne concrete exhibition floor can be removed and reinstated at the push of a button. 
With a capacity of around 19,000, this venue is still one of the most popular arenas to play in the Uk and is often chosen over venues such as Wembley Arena by bands with a large fan base. Musicians who have played at the venue include George Michael and Pink Floyd.
Earls Court is in walking distance of Buckingham Palace and the Natural History Museum.
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For the 2012 games Earls Court will hold the volleyball competition, however this venue already has a great Olympic history after hosting some of the Boxing, Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Wrestling competitions at the 1948 Games.
Earls Court has its own Underground Station and is close to other London 2012 venues such as Lords Cricket Ground (Archery) and the Royal Albert Hall (Music Festivals). 

Five Earl Court Facts

  1. The swimming pool takes four days to fill and four days to empty and 2 1/4 million gallons of water are needed to fill it. These operations can only be accomplished at night, so as not to put undue strain on local services.
  2. Earls Court One Ground Floor: 23,226 sqm.
  3. The first stepped escalator in Britain was installed at Earl’s Court Station in 1911.
  4. Earls Court was used for the manufacture and repair of London’s air defence balloon barrage during World War 1.
  5. The first London 2012 volleyball match will be on Saturday 28 July. 

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