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Four Great Places to Shop in London

If you planning a trip to London, you may already know which popular landmarks you want to visit.  After all, a trip to the City of London is not complete without walking across Tower Bridge, taking a tour around Buckingham Palace or riding the London Eye.  

With all that in mind, try not to rule out everyday activities such as shopping.  Even if you are traveling on a budget and have limited money for souvenirs, we at would recommend you checkout the great shops listed below.

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road -

Portobello Road –

The Portobello Road Market is one of the world's largest antique markets and is located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where you will also find Holland Park. 

On Saturdays, when the market is open, you will find rows and rows of stalls setup by antique dealers and other vendors of fine goods.  You can find a wide range of goods, including clothes, crafts, books, and art.  Portobello Road Market is only open on the weekends, nearby shops are open all week long.  

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Mysteries -

Mysteries –

Mysteries is situated at 9 Monmouth Street in Covent Garden and although not your usual shop, it is popular among both tourists and residents.

At Mysteries, you will find a large selection of books on some of the most interesting topics, such as the paranormal, self-help books, encyclopedias, and Feng Shui.  

If you intend to visit this shop and want an added experience, why not call ahead and arrange a crystal ball reading, tarot card, or numerology reading.  They are available for a small fee, but only by appointment.

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Whistles -

Whistles –

Whistles is a popular, yet unique clothing shop located at 12 St. Christopher’s Place which is a short walk from attractions such as Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.  It is considered a must visit for anyone who has a flair for fashion.

Inside, you will find clothes that appear to be designer, but are much more affordable, in fact, this is why Whistles was created, and now all women in London have access to beautiful clothes, without having to pay top prices.  

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The Piccadilly Market

Piccadilly Market

Piccadilly Market

The Piccadilly Market is one of London's hidden treasures.  Why?  Because of its location.  Many are unaware that the St. James Church hosts this market.

At the Piccadilly Market, you will find antiques and other collectables available for sale on Tuesdays.  From Wednesday to Saturday the market transforms, and you will find a large collection of arts and crafts.  Even if you have no intention of making a purchase, come and take a look around, take in the atmosphere and relax as you are in easy access to the more well know attractions such as Tate Modern and St Paul’s Cathedral

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The four above London shopping experiences are just a few of your options.  Whether it be for clothes, home décor, or souvenirs, you have thousands of choices when you visit London.

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