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Kents Cavern

Kents Cavern -

Located just a mile away from the bustling harbour town of Torquay. Kents Cavern is a thoroughly fascinating and educational day out for all the family.  Attracting 80,000 tourists a year, Kents Cavern is an important tourist attraction and this was recognised in 2000 when it was awarded Show Cave of the Year award and later in November 2005 when it was awarded a prize for being Torquay's Visitor Attraction of the year.

The lighting and audio-visual effects create a great atmosphere as you travel through this natural wonder that has been two million years in the making. It was first explored by Victorian archeologists who discovered flint hand axes, which have been scientifically dated to at least three hundred and fifty thousand years ago.

Kents Cavern -

The Caverns themselves have been fitted with good concrete pathways all the way round with only a few small steps to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. The attraction also offers free parking, a 100-seat restaurant for meals and refreshments as well as a gift shop.  
Kents Cavern is a Top 10 UK Attraction

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Five Kent Cavern Facts

  1. The name Kents is likely to derive from the Cornish (Celtic) word Kent or Kant meaning a border or headland.
  2. The passages and caves in Kents Cavern were created about 2 million years ago by water carving its way through the 385 million year old limestone.
  3. As a young Prince of Wales, the future King of England (George V)visited Kents Cavern in 1879
  4.  Agatha Christie refers to the archaeology of Kents Cavern in an early novel The Man in the Brown Suit, first published in 1924. 
  5. Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie and spiritul leader of the Rastafarians, visited Kents Cavern and was so impressed with his visit that he gave his guide, Leslie Powe a gold sovereign.

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