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Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor -

At Legoland nearly everything you see is ingeniously built from Lego. Children aged 2-12 can take to the road, soar through the skies and sail the seas in complete safety. This theme park brings Lego to life and offers kids tons of fun with 50 interactive rides, live shows, building workshops, driving schools and attractions. Where else can your child drive a JCB digger, drive a car, fly a plane or sail the seas in 150 acres of beautiful parkland, LEGOLAND Windsor is a different sort of family theme park There are height restrictions on some of the faster bigger rides but plenty of rides for smaller children too.

Legoland Windsor -

An inspirational land where the kids are the hero. It's a family attraction like no other – where the fun never stops and imagination knows no bounds. And from March 2012, you can stay over at the new LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel right in the middle of the park.
Legoland Windsor is a family theme park dedicated to the imagination and creativity of children of all ages. It has rides, shows and Lego models that will surprise and delight, involve and excite the whole family and is one of Top 10 Attractions.
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Five Legoland Windsor Facts

  1. Legoland opened in 1996 with just 15 listed attractions.  They now list over 55 ! and was the first Legoland after the original in Billund, Denmark. .
  2. In it's first year, they were so worried by visitor numbers, you had to book in advance before you could go !
  3. There are 34 LEGO pieces in an average Miniland figure, the smallest models are the pigeons in Trafalgar Square which contain 5 LEGO bricks each.
  4. The largest model in Miniland is the Canary Wharf Tower which is 5.2 metres tall and took 3 modelmakers 850 hours to complete using 200,000 LEGO Bricks.  
  5. t is no longer owned by Lego, it was sold to Merlin Entertainments 2005.















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