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London Olympics Special


As we publish this page, there are just over 70 days to the London Olympics 2012, when over 4 million people are expected to descend on England’s capital city. And of course, with such an influx of Olympic tourists there is going to be a huge demand for hotels, apartments, bed and breakfasts and any other accommodation.

There are of course many quality hotels in London and the Home Counties that offer great facilities and at a reasonable price, but many have doubled and even trebled their pricing during the July and August period around the Olympic games.  

We decided here at WhichHoliday.TV  that we would go hunt down some unusual alternative accommodation that was still available for you to book and would offer a real Olympic experience.  

So, here are 4 films offering 4 very different accommodations for the London Olympics 2012 ……..and beyond. 

The Buttercup Bus is the ideal way to drive to the different Olympic venues and to have your accommodation on the move…. Watch the film
The London Water Tower is a unique property situated near Woolwich Common within walking distance and a short bus ride from some of the main Olympic venues….. Watch the film
The Pavilion Hotel is like nothing you may seen before. With 30 rooms, each designed to take you into a another world, well another conutry, will certainly offer you an experience to remember. Again this amazing hotel is with in a short train ride of Wembley Stadium and Arena and other London Olympic venues…. Watch the film
For those of you who are on a budget and are looking to visit and enjoy the London Olympics, Cosy Oaks could be the perfect solution for you. A 20 minute train journey will have you standing outside the Olymoic Stadium…. Watch the film


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