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Looking out for hidden costs – The Money Advice Service

“Looking out for hidden costs” is another in the series of money features with the Money Advice Service. In this film Karl Walkinshaw talks about “hidden costs” when booking your holiday online. Specifically, he covers booking flights where the advertised price may not necessarily be the eventual amount that you are charged, as you may have to pay additional fees such as airport tax, baggage, EU 261 levy, in-flight meal, online check-in fee, seat allocation amongst other costs.

You should also be aware that many airlines charge an additional fee for the use of debit and/or credit card fees. Especially if oyu are booking in a different currency.

There are other things to consider and to watch out for here as some budget airlines may charge large amounts for not printing out or losing your online ticket, or for access weight or size on your hold or cabin baggage.

As always would like to offer our special thanks to Karl, Nancy and the team at Money Advice Service for their hard work and wonderful cooperation throughout the production of these films.


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"Looking Out For Hidden Costs"

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