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Munich Beer Halls

Why not get into the "spirit" in Munich?  For both beer and food, try Munich beer halls, they are definitely not for tourists as local families hang out in these traditional venues. And they give you a taste of Oktoberfest all year round.

If you try to sit at a table with a sign in the middle that says "Stammish", you will be moved as they have been reserved for ‘regulars’.  The rest of the tables are often "family style", and you're expected to share the table.  If you see a free space, ask if the seats are taken and squeeze in.  (Ask if they're "Frei" – just like in zimmer frei for rooms available). 

However do not do this at a table with that "Stammish" sign, as locals are very protective of their table.  They come to the halls so often they  keep their beer mugs locked up in little cages, waiting to be filled with their favourite beer

Munich Beer Hall - WHTV

Munich Beer Hall – WHTV

There are all types of restaurants and cafes in Munich, and they come in all price ranges.  You can get traditional European cuisine as well as Japanese, Indian, and Chinese…. but in Bavaria, why not try the Munich specialties… Weisswurst, Leberkaese, and Schweinebraten. 

A Munich beer hall is about the best place you can choose to try a brat and a beer.  If you just want a snack to soak up some of that beer, try one of the pretzels you can find everywhere… they're called "Brezen" and taste great. 

In most Munich beer halls, you will probably be served at the table, but if you don't have someone come after a few minutes… head for the bar and order.  These beer halls are associated with a single brewery… the big ones are named after their brew, so unless you want a wheat beer or a dark beer… if you order just a beer, you'll get their regular lager.   

You DO need to be aware of the size as in  Germany beer is served in half litres or whole litres… 1/2 litre = 17 ounces… a good size beer.  Many Munich beer halls only serve 1 litre beers!!!  That's 34 oz (1.8 UK pints).   Almost as much as three of those 12 oz bottle you get in U.S. six packs!   

Just so you know when you're ordering, a litre mug is called "ein Mass"… a half litre mug is "ein Halb".  And that beer mug or glass is not called a "beer stein" it's a "Krug" or a "Seidel". 

Hofbrauhaus - WHTV

Hofbrauhaus – WHTV

The most famous Munich beer hall is probably Hofbrauhaus.  Some websites will warn you away because it's touristy, however we have been there and we are tourist, so in a way they are right.  That said, there will be plenty of local people there enjoying the oompah bands, which are brilliant after a few beers.  It just shows the local traditions are alive and well, even if it isn't what you came for….then at least for one time?  Enjoy it for what it is. 

Some of the other beer halls are Augustiner Keller (or Gaststatte), Lowenbraukeller, and Donisl.  Unless you are a devoted fan of one particular brew, just walk down the street, find a beer hall that looks inviting and try it…. you can't go wrong. 

In the summer there are also beer gardens.  You can bring your own food as long as you buy a beer.  They're good cheap places to picnic for the price of a beer.  Just remember year round, you'll find good beer, food and fun in the Munich beer halls.