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Olympic Travel Lanes

London 2012 Olympic Route Network (ORN)

Games Lane -

During the Olympics the traffic situation will be different to normal. You could probably expect to add about 30 minutes to an hour onto a typical journey when travelling through or near an active Olympic event area. Dedicated road lanes for athletes and officials will be active along the (ORN) Olympic Route Network and (PRN) Paralympic Route Network. These lanes are only open to official accredited vehicles and not the general public. A penalty charge notice (fine) will be issued by means of CCTV monitoring if you make use of these lanes. Be warned it has been announced that  driving in a Games Lane will result in a £130 penalty charge, in addition stopping or parking on the ORN will result in a £130 penalty charge and your vehicle may be towed away, which will of course mean further charges.

Officials expect that Games Lanes will be very busy with Games vehicles only from 0600–midnight. If Games Lanes are less busy, they will be switched off and electronic signs will indicate that normal traffic can use them.

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