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On The Water – British Marine Federation

I must confess that Easty and I are lifetime boat lovers. In the late 90’s and early noughties, we spent many a weekend cruising up and down the calm waters of the river Ant in our little Norman 20 cabin cruiser with a fridge full of bacon, eggs and beer!

The Norfolk Broads is one of the most beautiful and relaxing parts of England with seven rivers and 63 broads and lakes, most of which are navigable by cruiser, sailing boat, row boat or canoe. It is no wonder that it is one of the most popular areas in the UK for boating.

So, when we heard that the British Marine Federation were launching the “On The Water” campaign to encourage us all to try out the various sports and pastimes on the UK’s waterways, we immediately reached for our life jackets and headed for the Norfolk Broads where we met up with Antonia Goodwin of the British Marine Federation who told us more about this exciting initiative.

Watch the video below:

On The Water – British Marine Federation