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The Clink

As we walked along the Thames leaving behind Tower Bridge we were lucky enough to come across The Clink Prison Museum.   A stones throw from London Bridge, the Museum is built upon the original site of the Clink Prison and dates back to 1144, which we understand makes this one of the oldest prisons in Britain.

The Museum itself blends into it's surrounding and has a small entrance which is normally manned by a museum guide, dressed in a character costume. This immediately sets the tone to the interactive museum and although quite gruesome in parts, is fun for all the family.

Going around the museum you learn historical facts relating to the prison such as the ‘The Clink’ is the name adopted by prisoners due to it being the sound the shackles made as they walked.
We also learnt and were quite amazed that prisoners had to pay for their keep and were sent out each day to beg or work. Quite a different experience from today's prisons!

What we really loved was we were able to touch, play and act out, so we had our head on the block, our feet in stocks and were able to play with the ‘ball and chain’, ‘chastity belt', and 'torture chair'.

The admission fee is very reasonable with a family ticket for 4 being only £17 (prices as of February 2012)  
WhichHoliday.TV gives a Big thumbs up to 'The Clink', we had a fun experience and learnt lots along the way.  


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Address: The Clink Prison Museum, 1 Clink Street, London, SE1 9DG


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