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The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre

This magnificent recreation built approximately 230 metres from the original 1599 Theatre site 
We missed the last tour of the day, but we are going back soon to see inside this stunning building built to the original 1599 design.  However as we crossed the millennium bridge the two buildings that stand out are the Tate Modern and of course the Globe Theatre.  From outside you can get glimpses of the main theatre and the some of the seating area, you certainly get a feel for the English Oak construction and we were so disappointed  to miss the opportunity to tour the theatre.  So a WHTV quick tip – check the Globe website to check opening times –


Five Facts about the Globe Theatre

  1. The New Globe Theatre opened with a production of Henry VIII in 1997
  2. The building is constructed entirely of English Oak – no structural steel was used.
  3. The seats are rows of benches to keep the new theatre authentic.
  4. During the time of Shakespeare the Thames was much wider and the original theatre was actually on the river bank itself
  5. The Globe is the only thatched roof permitted since the Great Fire of London of 1666



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