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The Mar Menor Region


The tiny "sea" of Mar Menor is one of those fantasies with which nature loves to surprise and demonstrate her infinite imagination. This 170 square kilometre saltwater lagoon, which attracts flocks of tourists to its banks each year, was once simply a bay, but the presence of an underwater mountain range, which gradually accumulated sediments washed onto it by storms, brought into existence a sandbar, 21 km long and 1,2 km wide, known as La Manga (the sleeve). The waters of  Mar Menor, with maximum depth of 7 metres, are rich in iodine and are warm throughout the year, even in winter.
La Manga del Mar Menor is now given over entirely to tourism, with hotel, leisure and sports facilities unmatched anywhere for their quality and diversity. Awaiting the visitors are 42 kilometres of beach, pure crystal waters, tennis courts and golf courses and unparalleled settings for sailing, diving or water skiing.

Water Sports

The area around La Manga and the Mar Menor is one of those privileged destinations where the practice of water sports can be particularly enjoyable.

The Mar Menor Sea Resort consists of a series of sailing, water-sports and tourist infrastructures grouped around the shores of the Mar Menor, offering visitors an entire range of activities and services at its more than 20 shoreline bases, enabling them to learn, perfect or simply enjoy sailing, water-skiing, scuba diving, motor-boating, canoeing, kite-surfing, windsurfing and catamaran sailing. For scuba-diving lovers, these warm waters harbour sea-beds teeming with plant and animal life, such as the Marine Reserve of Cabo de Palos-lslas Hormigas. Scuba divers will also be captivated by the remains of a number of sunken ships. Visitors can also enjoy a number of previously designed routes, either by sea (in canoe, sailing boat or motor-boat), or on land (bicycle, on horseback or on foot), as well as under the water.



The magnificent cultural delights on offer include events such as the International Jazz Festival , the International Theatre. Music and Dance Festival, the Musicas del Alma Cycle and the Pecataminuta Music Festival, all of which are staged at San Javier. At Los Acazares visitors will enjoy the Semana de la Huerta ("Countryside Week") in August and the "Incursiones Berberiscas" ("Berber Invasions"), a Medieval market and series of theatrical performances, during Holy Week, whilst in San Pedro they will be able to witness the Fiestas of La Virgen del Carmen in July, with the traditional seamen´s procession, as well as Holy Week itself, both of which have been declared to be of Regional Tourist Interest.


The Portman Guns – Cartagen – Murcia – Spain

The harbour at Cartegena has always been important for trade and the navy, hence it has been  heavily fortified since Roman times. On high hilltops either side of the city are pairs of very impressive British built Vickers and Armstrong 38.1 cm guns (in the style of the 'Guns of Navarone') which were used to protect the approaches to Cartagena in more recent times.


Cabo de Palos

Cabo de Palos at the start of the La Manga strip, is a typical Spanish fishing village with a number of fantastic fish restaurants, bars and cafes, take a stroll around the picturesque harbour, watch the fishermen come in with the catch of the day, then sample the delights in one of the excellent restaurants, the perfect spot to spend a relaxing summer evening.


Calblanque Nature Reserve

This Nature Reserve represents one of the last untouched areas along the Mediterranean coastline, a combination of wonderful sandy beaches backed by rugged cliffs, sandbanks, hills, and salt flats which are of great ecological value.


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