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The Right Size Cabin Bag


Watch this WhichHoliday.TV video review on The Right Size Cabin Bag 

This is the first video that we have produced with guest reviewers and presenters, and we have to say, it really was a lot of fun. Kristina and James had the bags for a week and made sure that they really checked the bag thoroughly.

On first viewing, you would be forgiven for thinking that “” is just another cabin bag or suitcase, but there does seem to be some genuine thought behind that whacky but clever name and the bag it blazoned across. 

For those of you who have ever turned up at an airport with a cabin bag that has been either slightly too big or overweight, you will already have experienced the patronising tone of the airline staff telling you that you should have read the small print on their terms and conditions. And I am sure you and your wallet will also have felt the pain of handing over an additional “excess baggage”  charge. This is documented so beautifully in this article at

The reality is that as hold or “checked” luggage becomes more and more expensive, we need a cabin bag that offers the maximum capacity as laid out by the airlines baggage restrictions. So, how does measure up? Well, the simple answer is “perfectly”. With dimensions of 50cm x 39cm x 19cm, is quite literally the maximum size for over 90% (checked Jan 2012) of all European airlines. 

We also found the bag to be tough, evenly balanced and smooth when pulling it using the extendable handle and also included a handle on the top and side and a front pocket for your travel documents and a built on/in combination lock.
But what we REALLY love is that “it is what it says on the bag” and surely even the most pedantic check-in staff can understand that? And that could save you a fortune in excess baggage charges. 
WhichHoliday.TV would like to send a special thanks to Kristina and James for reviewing the bags. And if you would like to review or present one of our reviews, contact us

We were so impressed with this great idea and the quality of the bag, that we have given the WhichHoliday.TV Gold Award for design and value.


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