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The Tate Modern, London

Tate Modern, London

The Tate Modern holds a collection of international modern and contemporary art and receives nearly 5 million visitors a year. We walked across the millennium bridge towards Bankside, with St Paul’s Cathedral behind us, this little adventure started to build the  excitement prior to entering the former Power Station.  We should also mention the Globe Theatre which has been constructed next to the Tate, giving you two great icons of building architecture nestled together.

tate Modern, London

If you've never been to the Tate Modern before, then the Turbine Hall is the way to enter the building, the sheer size of the hall takes your breathe away. The majority of the exhibitions are free and you can spend hours wondering around the galleries.  The Tate Modern is interactive, you can send video messages, take the award winning multimedia tour, or simply sketch you favourite pieces.
Lastly the coffee shop and restaurant also inspire you, with fantastic views across London and of course, the obligatory  shop has lots of cool things that will serve as memories of your trip.

The Tate Modern 5 Facts.

  1. The Turbine Hall is five storey’s tall and has 3,400 square meters of floor space.
  2. The chimney was restricted in height (99 m/325 ft) so as not to climb above  the spire of St Paul’s Cathedral.
  3. Bankside Power Station (Tate Modern) and Battersea Power Station were both designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.
  4. The Tate Modern has been used as a backdrop for many TV shows, including Red Dwarf and Ashes to Ashes.
  5. The cost of conversion from a Power Station to the Tate Modern was £134 million in 1995.

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