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Tower Bridge London

Built in 1894, Tower Bridge is one off the busiest bridges that expands across the Thames and is without doubt one of the most recognised icons of London. The Bridge itself was designed by Sir Horace Jones and was opened in 1894 by the Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII).

There is a Tower Bridge Exhibition which opened in 1982 which we hope to review in the future.  However the walk across the bridge is stunning, the detail in the stone and ironwork is breathtaking and its easy to see why people flock to the bridge each year.  From the bridge you have great views of the Tower of London, HMS Belfast, St Katherine’s Dock and of course London Bridge.

Walking over this bridge is an experience in itself, standing in the middle you can see where the bascules (drawbridges) meet, giving you a sense of the engineering and power needed to lift them skyward.  If you are going to London this is a bridge you have to cross.


Five Interesting Facts

  1. The Bridge was originally painted brown. The red, white and blue you see today was part of the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977.
  2. 40,000 people (pedestrians, cycles and in cars) cross the bridge each day.
  3. The bascules are raised around 1000 times a year.
  4. The high level walkways were closed in 1910 and were reopened as part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition in 1982
  5. In 1952 a bus was caught in the middle of the bridge as the bascules started to open,  The driver had to make a split-second decision to accelerate, clearing a 3 ft gap to drop 6 ft onto the north bascule.

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