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UK Border staff strike off

It was reported today that the government had sought a High Court injunction against the proposed strike by border staff that was due to start tomorrow, just a day before the opening of the London Olympics, based on “procedural errors” in the PCS’s ballot. But PCS union leaders called the strike off with just 45 minutes to the start of the hearing.

PCS leader Mark Serwotka said "major progress" had been made and claimed that 1100 jobs would be created, but the government claims they know nothing of it. Immigration minister Damian Green said in an interview on the BBC today he didn’t recognise those figures and said “that they break it down to 300 new jobs in the passport service, but at the moment there are 319 vacancies in the passport service and what was said in the meeting was filling those vacancies.” He went on to say “it’s pretty clear that the union leadership needed some kind of fig leaf for their climb down, that’s what they have done and I am glad that they have done it.”

However, PCS leader Mark Serwotka said that there had been “major progress” with talks and evne though this is at odds with the government, this seems to be reason enough to call off the strike.

The PCS also claims that as a result of the move forward that they have already started advertising the new positions.


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